Dropout Studio Session

by The Furious Sleep

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Recorded and Mixed at Dropout Studios, London, by Tim Cedar. September 2016

Jake Dyer = Vocals
Tom Hatfield = Guitar and Keyboards
Nye Jones = Bass
Ed Ramage = Drums and Backing Vocals
David Simpson = Guitar

Bells and cowbell on Cogs = Tim

Cover illustration by Tom Hatfield
Mastered by Wayne Pennell



released November 30, 2016

All songs written by The Furious Sleep


all rights reserved



The Furious Sleep Cambridge, UK

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Track Name: Sandworms
The Serengeti is littered with paper planes
Covered with yesterday’s stories of another
Over wordy bombing raid
It’s hard to ignore the telex downpour
But it takes the biscuit when the content
Means nothing to me

Natural mistakes and natural disasters
Naturally curious of the fault lines before us

Feast, feast, feast
This one has bitten off more than it can chew
Get your jaws around the stragglers legs
And bring them down.

In Ghana they have a graveyard for all our pasts
10 km of our secrets, a silicone burial path
Dissemination, the spread of infection
Here comes the tide to wash away the border
One more disputed line

Let the hyenas run free, they’re starving and wild
It’s been at least a day, since they had something
To really get they’re teeth stuck in
Someone hasn’t put a foot wrong for at least 5 minutes
Who we gonna crucify now?
I can feel withdrawal clawing at my skull

Natural mistakes and natural disasters
Naturally curious of the chasm before us
Track Name: Cogs
Eyes wide aghast, wandering around
these unfamiliar vistas, these uncharted lands
I feel reconfigured, reshaped like the dots on a map
following the contours, down to the source.

Recognise this place
recognise these hands
stretched out strands

I may not be able to lie to myself
but I can be tricked into making my body better
making the machine run faster
making the cogs glide passed each other

Pointing the way to the new world

I’m never going to ache again
never so much as embrace the pain
within is rebuilding
it’s self from the inside out

Recognise this place
recognise these hands

You wouldn’t know the miracles going on inside this abode
you would know the miracles happening inside my house
Track Name: Andy's Eyes
Meanwhile back at the coalface, besieged by broken bones
If I was a paranoid man, I’d be tempted to call…

Hey there, future boy
Hey there, stop your crying

Meanwhile back at the coalface, blattered by rough seas Past the cape of dwindled fortunes and blank conspiracies

Hey there, future boy
Hey there, dry your eyes

In Andy’s eyes the root of all evil is spawned from the mother’s dominance over and over

In Andy’s eyes the weakness of the father will reap an equal weakness in their son.

I’m not sick it’s the world that’s sick
"Oh go to hell" you snapped, but darling we’re there already

I slept by your bed for days and I’ll admit I almost prayed. To someone, to anyone. I prayed to you.

Hey there, future boy
Hey there, you got everything that we wanted

In Andy’s eyes it’s a world of hate and bile you too can view yourself through his lens.

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